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Friends Of The (Happy) Robot Alliance

Occasionally we get other things in the mail besides subpoenas and eviction notices, here's one of the good ones.


My name is Rachel I'm the friend of Rich at HappyRobot.net. I checked out your site and enjoyed your review of the KISS movie. I've never actually seen the whole movie. When it aired my mom forbid me to watch it. I, being the seven year old rebel, was determined to see this movie. So I sat myself down about 5 inches from the tv and watched with my hand on the dial (the days before remotes). When I would hear my mom approaching I would quickly turn the channel. I think I saw half of the movie. The next morning I was at Sunday school and all the kids in my class were talking about the "cool" KISS movie. I wanted to join in but my mom was the teacher and I couldn't blow my cover. Afterwards, I told everybody that I really did see the movie I just couldn't say so in front of mom. Of course no one believed me. Recently VH-1 had a KISS special and they talked about the movie. Gene said it was the worst experience. Peter Criss hated it so much during filming he refused to show up. I think all his lines were dubbed.

I also saw your article on Renee Zellweger. I met her while I was working on Empire Records. You thought the KISS movie was bad. She is such a nice person but that's probably why she gets such crappy roles.



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