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Shorty LaBrea

1) RTC Contributer's Name?

Shorty LaBrea

2) What is the first movie that you remember seeing?

Star Wars. I was three-and-a-half and vacationing with my family at my grandma's cottage on Houghton Lake, Michigan. One evening, my mom and dad took me to see it. (My brother had to stay home because he wasn't even one year old yet.) The scene that most vividly sticks in my mind was the Cantina scene full of all those crazy aliens. Not only does Ben Kenobi cut off the Walrus Man's arm but Han Solo (the coolest man ever) fries Greedo with his blaster.

3) If you were stuck on a desert island with one director, who whould you want it to be?

Does this include female porn directors? If it doesn't, then it'd have to be Roger Corman. We'd just sit around and make up insane stories all day long. "Ok so there's a monkey with an alien embryo growing in his brain and his best friend is a robot with no arms..."

4) What movie character do you most identify with?

When I was a kid I always wanted to play 'Han Solo'... he would be replaced with 'Indiana Jones' when we were playing adventure games instead of sci-fi stuff. (Please don't extrapolate from there and assume that I now identify with Harrison Ford in Six Days Seven Nights.)

I think I identify most with Anthony (Luke Wilson) from Bottle Rocket. He finds Dignan's enthusiasm so compelling. He wishes that he could fully give into his dreams in the way that Dignan does. Anthony does his best to try but elements of reality always keep holding him back. Plus he's a hopeless romantic.

5) Favorite food to sneak into the movies? (Drink also applicable, you lushes.)

6-pack of Natural Light

6) Barry Levinson's production company is named after his hometown, Denzel Washington's production company is named after the street he grew up on. If you had a production company, what would it be named?

My Awesome Movie Productions

7) Best movie soundtrack ever?

Bladerunner. Hands-down.

8) Favorite movie cliche?

The Slo-Mo Look-At-Me-I'm-So-Fucking-Cool Walk. Rushmore. The Professional. Group shots are great too. Reservoir Dogs. The Right Stuff. Hey, I'll throw in Armageddon even if it's exactly the same as The Right Stuff.

9) Last movie that made you cry?

I'm a sucker for melodrama. I'll cry at ANYTHING. Especially those crappy romance movies like It Could Happen To You and Untamed Heart. Most any senseless tragedy portrayed in a moderately realistic way will get me going too. All those poor frozen people floating in the water in Titanic got the tears flowing, and some of the scenes in Saving Private Ryan. Hell, I get misty-eyed everytime I see footage of the Challenger exploding.

Update: The Sixth Sense. Damn those sentimental mother / son conversations!

10) Slurpee, Icee, or Yoo-Hoo?

Slurpee (I'm old-school... I have a story that involves Slurpees and racketball in the early 80s but that's for another time.)

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