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All About My Mother
An RTC Movie Curse Investigation

Being a mom is a thankless job. Just ask my mom. The principal's office at my school used to have our home phone number on speed dial. With the exception of one Hallmark-created day of recognition and the post-touchdown televised sideline shoutouts from football players , when it comes to giving moms their dues, society provides no love. We asked the boys down at the lab to tear themselves away from studying the chemical composition of Jennifer Lopez's Grammys' dress (at least that's what they said as they passed it around and held it to their face) and conduct some research for us. We wondered what happened to our favorite moms from the films we grew up on. Is there a career in playing a mom? Is playing a mom a good career move? Where did the boys at the lab get Jennifer Lopez's dress? The answers we found may surprise you, except for the last question, which is predictably E-Bay. Dig in.

Carlin Glynn-Mom from Sixteen Candles
Molly Ringwald's wish when she blew out the candles must have been for Carlin Glinn to disappear from big studio films. It worked, Glynn has had to reinvent her career via the indie route with roles in Judy Berlin & Lisa Krueger's Committed. It worked for Travolta, who's to say?

Christine Belford-Mom from Christine
After giving birth to Keith Gordon's uber-nerd in this CAR-penter flick, you would think he'd return the favor with a walk-on in A Midnight Clear or Mother Night. Instead, she has to get by on her Freddy's Nightmares' Dr. Weiss residuals.

Olga Karlatos-Mom from Purple Rain
Maybe I'm like my mother, she's never satisfied. She also hasn't acted since 1985.

Jane Elliot-Mom from Some Kind of Wonderful
Had a role in Baby Boom in '87; and that's it. Boys at lab not sure whether this is due to the Mother curse or the Baby Boom curse, which is an entirely different curse altogether.

Linda Sorenson-Mom from Adventures in Babysitting
Stuck in tv movie hell and Dean Koontz movies'. You decide which is worse.

Anne Ramsey-Mom from Throw Momma From The Train
One year later, dead

Elaine Aiken-Mom from Caddyshack
Don't call it a comeback. She died in '98 with no post-Caddyshack films on her resume.

Betsy Palmer-Mrs. Voorhees from Friday the 13th
Did Part 2, then it was tv movies and soap operas, which is unfortunate considering how many horror movies of the '80's had roles for serial-killing-inspiring mothers.

Angie Dickinson-Mom from Dressed to Kill
Winner of the "Dude, your mom is hot" award. But what's worse? Never acting again or co-starring in Even Cowgirls get the Blues? Will try to right the Mother curse by playing H.J. Osment's grand-mom in this fall's Pay It Forward. And, no, we didn't forget Big Bad Mama. (but we've erased BBM 2 from our memories).

Ronee Blakely-Heather Langenkamp's mom from A Nightmare on Elm Street
Come on, John Saxon, Heather's dad, was in two more Nightmare installments while Ms. Blakely did a Henry Jaglom movie, which is the cinematic equivalent of the Witness Relocation Program.

Concetta Tomei-Mom from Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead
Could you spot her in a police lineup? There you go.

Estelle Getty-Mom from Stop or my Mom Will Shoot
The reason you never hear anyone say "What's the status on that new Estelle Getty project?"

Vince Vaughn-Mom from Psycho
Hey, what was that movie that Vince Vaughn did after Psycho? Oh, that's right, we haven't seen one yet.

Bill Cosby-Mother from Mother, Jugs, and Speed
Leonard part 6, anyone?

Exempted From The Mother Curse

Michael Keaton-Mom from Mr. Mom
Anthony Perkins-Mom from Psycho
Jamie Lee Curtis- Played Mother in Halloween H2O and Mother's Boys
(Seems impervious to any Hollywood curse. See RTC issue #6-The Schwarzenegger curse.)
MOTHER from Alien
Shaft (who was one bad mother, damn right!)


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