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Committed To Lisa Krueger
Token Girl's Shoutout To An RTC Fave

In one of the final years of John Huston's life, he was aked, "What makes a great screenplay?". After a little careful consideration, his answer was, "A Great screenplay is one where the central theme of the movie resonates in every scene, no matter how insignificant it may seem." Lisa Krueger is a student of the John Huston method. Many of you probably are familiar with her film, MANNY & LO (if not, you will be grounded from dessert until you rent it.), but I'm here to let you in on this year's Sundance entry, COMMITTED (coming soon to that art house you've been meaning to check out). Now you could watch this and any other movie for that matter on the basic popcorn level, or you could let yourself answer this question:


The RTC Committed Match-Up Game

a) Art Alexakis b) Alfonse Arau c) Casey Affleck d)Goran Visnjic e) Heather Graham f)Luke Wilson g)Patricia Velazquez h)Mary Kay Place

drowning mona the mummy ed burns the wild bunch manny & lo ER rock star rushmore

Manny And Lo
A Few Words

Before Token Girl fell into the fast and talented company of a certain Lisa Krueger, I found myself a vocal champion of Krueger's first film, Manny & Lo. Here's what I think about when I think about Manny & Lo.

  • What it means to be a family
  • Someone finally made a good movie for teen girls and adults..
  • John Lurie's soundtrack rules.


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