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We Watch Bad Movies So You Don't Have To
Chairman Of The Board
(with commentary by Carrot Top)

I knew going in that this was going to hurt. I just didn't know how much. As if the movie itself wasn't bad enough, I also got the added bonus of a secret commentary track with the star, Carrot Top. The reason the bonus track was not advertised on the box, I believe, was because there was almost no commentary content. The narrative can be summed up in one word, narcissism. Carrot Top knows nothing about film making. Hell, he can't even remember the names of the people he worked with. The only thing he had to say was which of his own gags the studio let him use and how hard it was when he had to go straight from shooting to a gig in Vegas that he got to on the Trimark private jet. Boo hoo.

Then he says that he thought it turned out to be a good movie and he was looking forward to doing another. If that redheaded step-bitch ever comes close to making another one, I'll slap him so far back in time he'll be looking for his Sledge-o-Matic!


Where To Find Carrot Top If You Want Your Money Back

April 7-8 Caesars Palace Lake Tahoe
April 13-16 Caesars Palace Lake Tahoe
April 20-21 Grand Opera House Wilmington, DE
April 26 State Theater Easton, PA
April 27 Palace Theater Stamford, CT
April 28 Quinnipiac College Hamden, CT
April 29-30 Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY
May 4 Performing Arts Center Providence, RI
May 5 Strand Theater Lakewood, NJ
May 6 North Shore Music Theater Beverly, MA


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