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Volume 1 Issue 9 - The Girls Are Not That Pretty But We Don't Care
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Our Higher Power
RTC's Favorite Baked Potatoes

Who cares if Cheech is playing Cabana Boy to Don Johnson while Tommy Chong wanders flea markets muttering, "Reefer?" under his breath? Hollywood still loves a weed smoker (even though it can't make a decent movie about it. i.e. HOMEGROWN, HALF-BAKED) Let's pack a bowl for our favorite characters who all share the same buzz.

Michael Douglas-Wonder Boys
The Janitor in the Breakfast Club
Benicio Del Toro-Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Sean Penn-Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Brad Pitt-True Romance
Jane Fonda-Klute
Ice-T- Leprechaun 5:In The Hood
Tony Shaloub-Galaxy Quest
Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman-Eyes Wide Shut
Ganjasaurus Rex
Rory Cochrane/Matthew McConaughey-Dazed and Confused
Anthony Michael Hall-Weird Science
Kevin Spacey/Wes Bentley-American Beauty
Charlie Sheen-PLATOON

And here's one that you're gonna find hard to swallow... we read books, too. Here's an excerpt from one of our favorites.

Required Viewing for Short Attention Spans
The first ten minutes of FREAKED
The final act of TRILOGY OF TERROR
The final ten minutes of REAR WINDOW.
"The Crate" episode from CREEPSHOW.
The last twenty minutes of DO THE RIGHT THING.
The opening ten minutes of ZENTROPA.
The first twenty minutes of WILD AT HEART.
The climax of DePalma's SCARFACE.
Any thirty minutes of NASHVILLE.


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