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1999 Sundance Award Winners

Grand Jury PrizeóDramatic Competition
Three Seasons

Grand Jury PrizeóDocumentary Competition
American Movie

Audience AwardóDramatic
Three Seasons

Audience AwardóDocumentary
Genghis Blues

World Cinema Audience Award (tie)
Run Lola Run (Germany)
Train of Life (France)

Filmmakers TrophyóDramatic

Filmmakers TrophyóDocumentary
Sing Faster: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle

Directing AwardóDramatic
Eric Mendelsohn, Judy Berlin

Directing AwardóDocumentary
Barbara Sonneborn, Regret to Inform

Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award (tie)
Audrey Wells, Guinevere
Frank Whaley, Joe the King

Cinematography AwardóDramatic
Lisa Rinzler, Three Seasons

Cinematography AwardóDocumentary
Emiko Omori, Rabbit in the Moon and Regret to Inform

Special Jury Prize for Comedic Performance
Steve Zahn, Happy, Texas

Special Jury Prize for Distinctive Vision in Filmmaking
Scott King, director, Treasure Island

Special Jury Prize for Documentary
Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgan, On the Ropes

Freedom of Expression Award
Stanley Nelson's The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords

Jury Prize in Latin American Cinema
Santitos (Mexico)

Special Jury Prize in Latin American Cinema
Life Is to Whistle (Cuba)

Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking
Mark Osborne's More

Special Jury Award in Short Filmmaking
Michael Burke's Fishbelly White

Honorable Mentions
James Cox's Atomic Tabasco
Nicole Cattell's Come Unto Me: The Faces of Tyree Guyton
Jarl Olsen's Devil Dog/Ring Pull
Corky Quakenbush's A Pack of Gifts, Now
Philip Holahan's Stubble Trouble


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