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Shorty's Top 10 of '99

1. Fight Club - The IKEA shot is my favorite in any movie.

2. The Matrix - Forbidden Planet meets John Woo. Still trying to figure out which is better, the lobby shoot-out or the helicopter scene.

3. The Iron Giant - The lack of promotion is more proof that Warner Brothers is quickly catching up with MGM.

4. Run Lola Run - Pop this one in the VCR in the morning and skip that second cup of coffee.

5. Rushmore - Ok, so this was released for a week in Dec. 98 in like 3 theaters. It's still one of the best of '99. Anyone who says differently can kiss my ass.

6. The Insider - Fantastic hand-held camera work tops off a great script. Look for the de-emphasis of the individual in a world where the corporation is in control.

7. American Movie - $14.95? That's like the price of Rush tickets.

8. American Pie - Sometimes the best movies don't have to be politically or socially conscious. They just have to be really entertaining.

9. Sleepy Hollow - Tim Burton consistantly brings us the modern-day fairy tale in the Grimm tradition.

10. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - Another camera-effect intensive film that rivals The Matrix with some pretty cool sequences.

11. Blast From The Past - Psych!


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