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Volume 1 Issue 7.5 - Goodnight To The Rock-n-Roll Era
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The Doctor's Prescription For What Ails You

Best Films I Watched This Year
The Iron Giant
The Straight Story
Eyes Wide Shut
Toy Story 2
New York, New York
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Bring Out The Dead
Sweet And Lowdown
Fight Club

Did Not See
An American Beauty
Any Which Way But Sunday
Michaels Mann's The Informer
The Green Man On The Mile

Did Not Believe
Mystery Men
Shakespeare In Love With The Deep Blue Sea
Nodding (Off) Hill
Summer Of Sammy Sosa

Best Actor Of The Year (tie)
Cuba Gooding, Jr. - Instinct
Jake Lloyd - Star Wars Episode 1
Meat Loaf - Fight Club

Best Actress Of The Year
Helen Mirren - Teaching Mrs. Butterworth, uh, Drowning Madame Bovary, er... Killing Mr. Bojangles?
Samantha Morton - Sweet and Lowdown
Melora Walters - Magnolia

Best Score Of The Year


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