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1999 Cannes Film Festival

Palme d'Or
Rosetta, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (Belgium)

Grand Prize
L'Humanité, Bruno Dumont (France)

Best Actor
Emmanuel Schotte, L'Humanité (France)

Best Actress (shared)
Severine Caneele, L'Humanité (France)
Emilie Dequenne, Rosetta (Belgium)

Pedro Almodovar, All About My Mother (Spain)

Youri Arabov and Marina Koreneva, Moloch (Germany and Russia)

Jury Prize
The Letter, Manoel de Oliveira (Portugal)

Camera d'Or for Film Debut
Murali Nair, Marana Simhasanam (India)

Technical Prize
Chen Kaige, Emperor and the Assassin (China)


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