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Volume 1 Issue 7 - In One Year And Out The Other

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Take 2 Aspirin And Call Us In The Mourning
Whatever Happened To Roger The Codger?

We've all heard the stories of couples married for more than half a decade, then one of them dies, and shortly the other one passes on, presumably of a broken heart or some crap like that. Could it be possible that the same can be said about Film Critic/Weather Balloon Roger Ebert in the wake of his aisle-partner Gene Siskel's passing in March? No, Mr. Ebert's not suffering from any medical condition unless you count bad taste as a life-threatening condition. RTC now presents a list of movies that have been given thumbs up by Mr. Ebert since the departure of his trusty companion.

Blue Streak
Deep Blue Sea
The Haunting
Never Been Kissed
8 Millimeter
Cruel Intensions
Simply Irresistible


RTC Pointless Trivia

Here's more of the nonsense that we stuff in our head instead of remembering loved ones' birthdays and bank card PINs.

For the record, here are the last 5 movies reviewed by Gene Siskel and his opinion of each.

Thumbs Up
At First Sight
Another Day In Paradise
The Hi-Lo Country
The Theory Of Flight

Thumbs Down
Playing By Heart

p.s. Ebert disagreed with him on 3 of the 5 films.


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