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If You're Feeling Sinister...

Robert Rodriguez says in his how-to book, Rebel Without A Crew, that the best way to learn about making a movie is to go out and make one. If that's the case, Mark Bortchard and his musician friend, Mike Schank, must be the world's brightest filmmakers. American Movie (in theaters Nov. 12th) documents this Wisconsin devotee to George Romero and his attempt to bring backwoods schlock horror to the big screen. You' ll laugh, you'll cry from laughter , and then you'll soil your Sunday's best laughing all the way home. Is Bortchard a genius or just a deranged idiot with a Bolex? This much is sure, American Movie is the only movie you'll see this year with American in the title that doesn't feature this year's pedophilia poster girl, Mena (American Pie, American Beauty) Suvari.

And for that added layer of movie insight, check out the film's website at www.americanmovie.com. We like to listen to director's commentaries on our DVD's to clear up any questions we might have about the film. American Movie brings you even closer to the filmmakers with this strange-but-true offer:

Now you can call Mike Schank anytime, live in his basement. The number is 414-466-MIKE. If he's home and he feels like it, he'll pick up.


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