Right Turn Clyde
Volume 1 Issue 6- Your Poetic Epiphany Of Self-Resignation

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Shout It Out Loud
Right Turn Clyde Vol. 1 #6

"The Highlights for Children of Film Writing"

3 Cent Copies & A Bag of Change, Inc.


Shorty LaBrea
Mr. Pants
Sauce Tarte
The Lip
Bartholomew J. Treehugger

Mr. Gusta

Super-Sized Thanks To:
Amos Poe
John Carpenter

The Music That Made It Happen
Wedding Present

Shorty listened to "Monster Ballads" 27 times in a row.

Stop whining about that "Will And Grace" spec script you can't sell and write for the people that know you're a genius. Believe me, we're not doing this for our health. Send your contributions to the lists and story submissions in this issue to:


We're gonna keep mentioning this until you get it through your thick skull.


An extra shoutout goes to our new illustrator, Mr. Gusta. You've already seen his "Monkey In A Bathrobe" and might have noticed "Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil". Drop him a line if you have need of his artistic talents. lotoomey@holycross.edu (Or maybe you just need a new person to rant to at 3am)

RTC Update

Last month's contributor Ian Grey writes up this Baltimore Film Fest


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