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Volume 1 Issue 6- Your Poetic Epiphany Of Self-Resignation

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The Right Turn Clyde Cross-Words Puzzle



1) Helen or Christian.
2) A pint of Obi-Won Kenobi.
3) Cop in Reservoir Dogs lends Michael Madsen one of these.
4) RTC SUPERNATURAL CLUE #1:Second ______.
5) It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, ____ World.
6) Ice Cube's next role in Kevin Hooks' ICEBERG SLIM'.
7) Telly Savalas' mode of transportation in CAPRICORN ONE.
8) Molly Ringwald's Dad in BETSY'S WEDDING. (See RTC #5)
9) What Robert Shaw becomes to Bruce the Shark in JAWS.
10) M*A*S*H* theme song, "_________ is painless".
11) Most popular planet in Hollywood next year (see page 4).
12) James Caan's Mr. in Bottle Rocket or Portrait of a serial killer.
13) The House on Haunted ___; The Haunting of ____ House
14) Cannes' Palme D'____.
15) Who Kevin Spacey should be sleeping with on March 26 , 2000.
16) Deformed siamese twin vengeance horror classic.
17) The Godfather's Sal Tessio's t.v. persona.


1) Not Ebert.
2) Director of LA Confidential or the man behind MmmBop.
3) Bride of __________.
4) Disney's football kicking mule.
5) Malcolm McDowell pre-Columbine prep school shoot-out.
6) Robert Downey Jr. movie or his chances of acting again.
7) The people that paid to see The Other Sister.
8) RTC SUPERNATURAL CLUE #2-The ______ Sense.
9) The country's not big enough for us and this Chinatown helmer.
10) Red Rock West director.
11) Yet another Phoenix sibling.
12) One of Whoopie Goldberg's eight worst movies.
13) The Hughes, Wachowskis, and Coens.
14) Kush's favorite Beatty-Hoffman movie.
15) Beastie Boys song in The Pick-up Artist-"She's _______".
16) Gelatinous movie with either Steve McQueen or Kevin Dillon.
17) William Katt-George Wendt real estate horror flick.
18) Quadrophenia kids; opposite of rocker.


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