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Warner Scissorhands

Could we trust Warner Bros after a year that saw the blatant snub of The Iron Giant in favor of yet another Sonnenfeld-Smith snoozefest? On top of that, remember the sneaky bit about not changing a frame of Eyes Wide Shut after Kubrick's death. I guess heaven has an opticals department because those shadow people were wack.

Well, that snipping sound you heard last month was either Kubrick spinning in his grave or the insightful folk at the WB making more edits. Apparently, the Hindu chanting in the movie features a religous Hindu scriptures and that was enough for the Warner brass to call for the music's removal from all European and South African versions. It's enough to make us wonder what constitutes the Warner Bros vow of NOT changing a frame of a director's vision and pray that they also promise not to change a frame of the Pokemon movie.


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