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Volume 1 Issue 5 - Picking The Pockets Of Literary Corpses

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Cher has a few words with the writer of Tea With Mussolini.

Pancakes During The Age Of Enlightenment
An RTC Reader Tries To Be Of Good Cher

The Worst Movie Of The Year, Easily: Tea With Mussolini

I recently had the misfortune to screen this anti-gem of a movie. Between leaning over my seat to vomit onto my own shoes and wiping the filth off my face, this is what I saw:

This is the most disturbingly petty of the recent World War II movies. It should be called, "No, I mean it! Life really is beatiful!" This rendition of the emasculation of World War II has old, British women and Cher saving the day again and again and again. Just when you think that there's no more traumatic events to befall them, they run out of hot water and can't have their afternoon tea. Again, Cher swoops in and fixes the furnace (ad hoc). It sounds like an exaggeration but that is exactly the type of lame indignities these women suffer.

I kept wondering how someone could be so close to such a devastating war and not suffer more. They didn't suffer enough. They didn't suffer at all. I did; watching them, wishing one of them (or all of them, I'm not picky) would bite it. This movie made me angry. It made me violently angry in its stupidity, in its simplicity, in its vulgar use of Cher.


- Sauce Tarte


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