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Volume 1 Issue 5 - Picking The Pockets Of Literary Corpses

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The Usual Shoutouts
Right Turn Clyde Vol. 1 #5

"The Highlights for Children of Film Writing"

3 Cent Copies & A Bag of Change, Inc.


Shorty LaBrea
The Brain
The Doctor
Sauce Tarte
Serial Killer
Encyclopedia Brown
Bartholomew J. Treehugger

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Ian Grey

The Music That Made It Happen
B-Movie Rats - Killer Woman
Rachel's - Selenography
The Soundtrack to Hard 8
The New Stereolab

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"I have no image of myself as an artist. I'm making commercial films. I'm making a product designed to have people buy it."

- William Friedkin (Easy Riders, Raging Bulls)


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To Call In Sick For Work

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The Limey

Julien: Donkey Boy

Boys Don't Cry

Bringing Out The Dead

Princess Mononoke

Being John Malkovich

Felicia's Journey


Sleepy Hollow

Jesus' Son


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