Right Turn Clyde
Volume 1 Issue 5 - Picking The Pockets Of Literary Corpses

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Droppin' Science With RTC

Like any good cop movie, we have our own group of "boys down at the crime lab". Their job is to use this big metal-tronic thingy to scientifically calculate extrapolated explanations for Hollywood anomalies. It's all very technical and boring and to be honest, we hadn't talked to them in weeks, because they get in these heated discussions over which of "The Facts of Life" girls would have given the best lapdance, and it's all very creepy and makes you want to take a shower immediately afterwards. However, since my mom is in the same ceramics class as one of their moms, I have been "asked" to include them in more of our activities. So, with heroin chic being the preferred standard for women, we wondered whether anyone cares about the girth of male Hollywood and its' effect on box office. Keep in mind, that although this scientific test was run by "professionals", we do not want to mislead you into thinking they are professional scientists. We don't really know what they are.

Case Study: John Favreau


Deep Impact


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