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Volume 1 Issue 5 - Picking The Pockets Of Literary Corpses

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Encyclopedia Brown
The Case Of The Weird Kid In Rushmore

If you're like us and God have mercy on you if you are, then you've seen Wes Anderson's Rushmore so many times that you've started to pick up things that you may have missed the first, second, or twenty-eighth time. The appearance of Bottle Rocket's Kumar as Mr. LittleJeans is a treat. And the Rewind Factor on Bill Murray's shot-blocking skills is very high. But as we were putting away our Memorial Zapruder Film Fine Comb, we were struck by one of Rushmore's disturbingly unanswered questions. Who's the weird kid?

He's the kid that has no lines, but makes more than 8 appearances in the film. What is his relationship to the other characters? Where does he live? What's hs name? A case this tough requires a master sleuth to crack it, so we called in the best - Mr. Encyclopedia Brown.


From The Desk Of
Encyclopedia Brown

After solving the case of the red harmonica for my pal, Northcliff Hicks, I decided to look into this mysterious kid roaming through Rushmore. There are many clues scattered throughout the movie. He's in Bill Murray's pool. Does that make him Murray's son? He's picked on by the Scottish kid. Does that make him his little bro? He's seen with Kumar. Does that make him the assistant grounds-keeper? I'll tell you who he is. His character's name is Reuben, played by an actor named Stephen Dignan. And for all of you Bottle Rocket fans, Dignan is the name of Owen Wilson's character. That solves it. I'll be expecting my check in the mail.


Assistant Detective In Training, Sauce Tarte, did her own research into this matter and turned up this:

Child with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, N.Y.C. (1962) by Diane Arbus


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