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If You Like Depressing Movies
Double Suicide

By Ingmar Bergman's Depressed Cousin

10:00 am- I popped Double Suicide (Shin ju ten no amijima) into the VCR. As the movie begins we realize that preparations for a Kabuki puppet show are going on. The intro ends with a title card. The puppet show starts, but with people as the puppets.

10:07 am- I realized this is going to be a long morning. I pour myself a large scotch.

10:30 am- I'm thirty minutes into the movie and I can barely make out what's going on. It's a black and white Japanese film with white subtitles that get lost on the screen. Between that and my really bad eyes I've missed half the dialogue. Not only that, but the film has more symbolism than the sex scene in Big Top Pee Wee.

10:50 am- I'VE GOT IT, IT'S...no, never mind.

11:05 am- Okay, from what I can gather, a man named Jihei is in love with a geisha (Koharu). She is also in love with him and he is the only man she will "see." So far, so good. However, this has put him in great debt. He has practically ruined his stationary business and his honor. He cannot afford to buy Koharu's freedom as he has promised to do for twenty-nine months. He will not stop seeing her even though he has been asked to by his wife and family.

11:30 am- Jihei's wife's father shows up and demands that his daughter is given a divorce even though neither Jihei nor Osan (the wife) wants it. Nonetheless, he takes his daughter and grandchildren away. This propels Jihei to steal Koharu from the Yamatoya and run away. They make mad kabuki love and then the film draws to its inevitable titular end.

11:43 am- I realize a man has torn apart a family, ruined and ended his and another persons life and I could care less. I was not at all depressed or upset. I think that is because Jihei is a weak and selfish man that I couldn't give a shit about. Then again I could be missing something. I think I'll pour myself another scotch and forget the whole thing.




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