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Shoutouts, Mailbag, etc.
Right Turn Clyde Vol. 1 #4

"The Highlights for Children of Film Writing"

3 Cent Copies & A Bag of Change, Inc.


Shorty LaBrea
Serial Killer
The Brain
and introducing
The Lip

Thanks To:
Ricky Jay
Brion James

The Music That Made It Happen
Tortoise + The Ex - In The Fishtank
Superchunk - Come Pick Me Up
Evolution Control Committee - Gunderphonics
Betty Blowtorch - Get Off
Beulah - Handsome Western States
Archers of Loaf - Icky Mettle
BTS - Keep It Like a Secret

Calling All Inmates...
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Spies Like Us
The RTC Mailbag

Hawley Gulately in Rhode Island weighs in with this sequel note.

Due to the startling success of The Sixth Sense, the good people of Hollywood were quick to act, and have begun work on its sequel, naturally, The Seventh Sense.

Where the young lad saw dead people in the acclaimed horror-thriller, the Hollywood gurus have dubbed the seventh sense with the mantra "I see gay people" and will focus on the youthful Adam Sandler (rumored) and his adventures with "gaydar", the uncanny ability to discern gayness in any individual. Expect many cameos from the likes of Kevin Spacey, Keanu Reeves, and Jodie Foster; along with a shocker that'll get you in the end.

Take care,

Special Shoutout
To Pants for the one-handed snag of the drumstick at the Buck show.


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Right Turn Clyde Activity Alert
If you are in Bedrock this weekend, stop by the drive-in, where the hit movie The Monster is being held over for the 4066th smash week.



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