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The Right Turn Clyde Puzzle Page

RTC Word Find
Find the 13 actors that we would see in just about anything.*


*Sorry, Jason "Kissing A Fool" Lee

Can You Find All 3 Differences In These 2 Pics?

Answers Below


Hey Kids! Color Redd Foxx!

Ask that big dummy, Rollo, for crayons!

What's Missing In This Renny Harlin Photo?

If you said...

His Ponytail
you get five points

Geena Davis
you get ten points

Laura Dern
you get fifteen points

A Hit Movie
you can drink with us anytime

Pin The Tail On The Incredible Jackass!

In August, the RTC crew developed an uncanny sense of ambition and drove to San Diego for Comic-Con 99. While some "celebrities" were kind enough to acknowledge our presence and others even spoke to us, let it be known that Mr. Lou Ferrigno would not even engage in idle chatter unless we bought an autographed photo. Careful, Lou, you wouldn't like us when we're angry.





What's the differences in above pics?

  1. The dog heard barking in the first pix cannot be heard in the second pix.
  2. In pix A, the man in yellow has a $20 bill in his pocket. In pix B, he has two tens.
  3. The picture on the left has a giant A in the corner, whereas the pix on the right has a giant B.


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