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Reese's PiecesFear Strikes Out
An RTC Guide To Better Parenting

I don't think that anyone will disagree - kids today are a little screwy. With their Martin Manson music and that dangerous Dawson character, it's no wonder that it took Will Smith to break it down - Parents just DON'T understand. Now, pundits are going to blame Hollywood for children mirroring the violent acts that they see in "brain-washing" fare like Natural Born Killers or The Matrix (does that mean that we should blame the movie, Wall Street, for that day-trader in Atlanta pulling a Wild Bunch?) but what about the good that Hollywood does? What about the movies that actually inform parents about the current state of their kids' nuttiness? RTC took it upon itself to rent one of these tell-tale sign videos and share its in-depth findings to help take guns out of kids' hands and put them back in Charlton Heston's. Read. Learn.

Warning Signs In The Movie Fear That Your Kid Is In With The Wrong Crowd

  1. Wears baby doll dresses that are tantalizing, yet practical in that smothering Pacific Northwestern heat.
  2. Skips English Lit. to hang out in pool halls.
  3. Hangs out with Alyssa Milano.
  4. Jumps off the side of buildings onto fire escapes while police helicopter hovers above.
  5. Blames black-eye from boyfriend on gym class mishap.
  6. Boyfriend kicks the crap out of schoolmate.
  7. Listens to Bush cd's.


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