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Volume 1 Issue 4 - Take A Picture Here, Take A Souvenir

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Better Off DeadBetter Off Drunk

Take a drink every time:

  • The newspaper boy wants his $2
  • Lane tries to kill himself
  • Twice if he has help (even if it's accidental)
  • Lane's brother speaks
  • Lane's father tries to relate to him
  • Lane's father tries to make him do something
  • Lane's father tells Lane about the car in the front yard
  • A garage door window is broken
  • Lane's mother cooks something unidentifiable
  • Twice if it's greenish
  • Someone tries to ski the K-12
  • Someone explodes
  • Richie makes eyes at Monique
  • An inanimate object comes to life
  • Lane's brother makes something destructive out of common household products
  • Lane has a run-in with the Japanese Howard Cosell
  • Lane runs into someone/something with a car
  • You see pictures of Beth (not including the opening scene, otherwise you'll be drunk in under 60 seconds)
  • Lane's friend experiments with things you wouldn't normally consider drugs (e.g. snow, whipped cream)
  • Monique says an english word incorrectly
  • Monique says "How you say..."
  • Someone asks Lane if they can date Beth
  • Montage sequence of either learning how to ski or learning how to fix a car
  • Ricky's mom says a word drawn-out (e.g. "frieeeeeends")

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