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Volume 1 Issue 3 - So Much To Answer For, So Sick Of Talking About It

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What The F#@!?
A Rundown of Things Even We Could Not Make Up

In an effort to gain exposure with third graders and adults with similar educations, Ben Stiller embarrassed himself with a July 27th in-ring appearance at a professional wrestling event. He spoke few words before being "surprise"-attacked, thrown into a turnbuckle, and subjected to a "painful" array of wrestling torture moves, including the dreaded figure-eight.

(Ben, we realize that bad publicity is better than no publicity, but please understand that some integrity is better than no integrity. Forget the WWF-you just made the W.T.F.)

George Lucas announced in July that the name of Raiders Of The Lost Ark has officially been changed to Indiana Jones & The Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Though we can't disagree with the fact that it is one of the best movies of the year, there is no logical explanation as to why the Iron Giant was recently awarded with his own star on the Hollywood of fame.

Which of these movies has made over $200 million? *
A - Bean
B - Disclosure
C - Moonraker

John Travolta's The General's Daughter has made nearly 100 million dollars at the box office.

Congratulations to The Matrix for bringing in 329 million dollars and finally surpassing that box office bellwether of success, Crocodile Dundee with its 328 million dollar slice of the pie.



*Answer: All of Them


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