Right Turn Clyde
Volume 1 Issue 3 - So Much To Answer For, So Sick Of Talking About It

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Shoutouts, Submissions, Websites, And A Bit About Aida Turturro
Right Turn Clyde Vol. 1 #3

"The Highlights for Children of Film Writing"

3 Cent Copies & A Bag of Change, Inc.


The Brain
Shorty LaBrea
Mr. Symptom
Cabin Boy

Thanks To:
Corin Tucker

You Write It, We Print It...
Send us your rants and ravings about all things cinematic. Let your hate spill upon these pages. ANYONE CAN DO IT! Just ask 8 year old Yusef Maguire of Canton, Ohio.

"My submission to Right Turn Clyde prompted George magazine to call me a young David Foster Wallace. Thanks, RTC!" –Yusef Maguire, age 8

Please direct you lunacy to infiniteslack@pacificnet.net

Random Raising Arizona Fact:
It is 11 minutes, five seconds into the film before the opening credits roll.

The Music That Made It Happen
Bonfire Madigan
Belle & Sebastian
Soul Coughing
Scared of Chaka
Excuse 17

Aida Turturro's Next Two Movies
Deep BLUE Sea
Mickey BLUE Eyes

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