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Volume 1 Issue 2 - Falling In Love While Sitting In Gridlock

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Got Milk?

If you're ever at a Donnas Show, look up front and there you'll see two of our favorite freaks, the beyond die-hard fans, KISS Cows. Whether they're decked out in their Metal Bovine get-ups or sitting on each other's shoulders waving their Donnas-detailed American flag, the Cows are that rare breed of rock fan. Obsessed, insane, and NOT dangerous.

NOTE:The Cows left the number one slot blank, reserved for any future zombified cows movies.

KISS Cows Top 5 Undead Movies

  2. Dead-Alive
  3. Evil Dead 2
  4. Army of Darkness
  5. Dawn of the Dead
  6. From Dusk Til Dawn


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