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Volume 1 Issue 2 - Falling In Love While Sitting In Gridlock

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Canadian Bacon

When we heard the fabulous Lisa Marr was relocating to Southern California, we said, "What will happen to our favorite Canadian kindercore group, Cub?" And then we heard the self-titled debut album by Buck, Lisa Marr's new outfit, and we said, "Nice knowing you, Cub." We're so Buck Crazy we sent Serial Killer to snag a RTC Movie List from Lisa Marr, and as usual, she delivers.

Lisa Marr's Top Five Movies With Canadian Actors

  1. Uncle Buck
  2. Strange Brew
  3. Waiting For Guffman
  4. Klute
  5. Splash

Note from Lisa:
Also, Mary Pickford was Canadian

Check out Buck news, tour dates, and other stuff we eat with a spoon at Buck's website:
http://home. earthlink.net/~ pepper22/buck/


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